Reentry Reintegration

“It’s a ministry, not a program”

What is Reentry Reintegration?

Reentry Training
Reentry Training

Many persons who are incarcerated have “burned their bridges” with family and friends and find they have no place to go, and no one to help them when they have served their sentence and are released. With the help of caring Christians in a community they can become reintegrated into society as law-abiding, contributing citizens.

Teams of 5-12 persons in an ecumenical Christian community are trained to understand where the returning citizen is coming from and how to assist them in their reintegration. This assistance may be to provide mentoring, financial assistance, transportation, help obtaining an ID, driver license, locate employment, and whatever is needed for the returning citizen to make a new start.

At present we have 10 active teams in Northwest Iowa: Fort Dodge, Des Moines area, Remsen/LeMars, Humboldt, Rockwell City/Lytton, Jefferson, Sioux City, Spencer, Storm Lake, and Council Bluffs, with more being formed.

How can I get involved in Reentry Reintegration?

Send an email to: [email protected] to begin a conversation with the Reentry Reintegration Coordinator, Pastor Carroll Lang, regarding the steps to take.